What is The Keester Club?

The Keester Club is my attempt at fighting back against an increasingly gray and grim world. I've been drawing butts for a while, but now I'll harness their power to spread joy and create opportunities for connection.

Modeled after old-school fan clubs, members pay a fee and, in return, get exclusive Keester Club merch, discounts on products, free gifts, and more.

10% of all proceeds from Keester Club memberships and butt products will benefit deserving organizations. Members will decide where that money goes.

Keester Club Merch

The Keester Clubhouse

A members only space to access monthly free downloads, Keester Radio, community stories, and more!

Enter the Clubhouse

The Keester Club Values

  • Contagious Joy

    At the heart of The Keester Club is joy. Our work should be rooted in and reflective of a contagious joy that others can’t help but share.

  • Community Support

    We believe in supporting other humans and organizations in our community. The Keester Club will share 10% of our proceeds from membership fees and butt sales with community-oriented organizations.

  • Membership-Led Decisions

    The Keester Club should be reflective of its membership. Our community will decide where to direct funds raised for our community support efforts.

  • Commitment to Learning and Adapting

    As the world changes, so should we. We are committed to learning, changing, and challenging old ways of thinking as we grow.

  • High-Quality Products

    We value creative, well-made products. As we grow, we will continue to explore new products that spark joy.

  • Cute Butts

    Our butts must be cute. If they are not, we have failed.