Auberon Artist Feature - May 2022

Auberon Artist Feature - May 2022

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"When you address the things you’re running from, scared of and hiding from in your art, you’ll have that breakthrough. You begin to blossom as a person" - N3ptune

N3ptune is a force. He has made it clear that he is here to make some noise and lots of people are listening. His music and stage presence are one of a kind. I got to catch one of his sets at Treefort Feet is Boise earlier this year. He was climbing off the second story, dancing on tables and bringing a taco shop turned venue to its feet. I'm so thankful he took the time to answer a few questions of mine.

I'll let N3ptune speak for himself below, but know that if you're not paying attention, you need to start now. He and Rusty Steve are headlining a show at Globe Hall on May 20. Make sure to grab your tickets before they're gone!


Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? What's your name and where did you grow up?

My name is N3ptune, some just call me N3p & others call me Tune. I’m born and raised in Denver, CO. Harlem Of The West. I’m 24 years old. I am a singer-songwriter, producer, dancer, actor, director, and model. Oh, and I’m a true Sagittarius!

What inspires your work? What drew you to being an artist?

Anything and everything inspires me! My life experiences spark a lot of creativity as well as my desires in life. I’ve always wanted to be an artist, I always have been. I find I can escape reality in music or the arts. It’s that space where nothing else is going on but the art you’re creating.

What are your goals as an artist? What do you hope to achieve?

I’ve started saying this recently: Houston got Beyoncé, and Denver has me! I’ll be international and continue to be a crossover artist but on a grand scale. I hope to inspire people for generations to be unafraid, connect with themselves, be progressive, and be more conscious... as well as lit, because people are boring as hell in real life! I want longevity with mainstream and underground success. I also want to be in a position to give back on a grand scale. I’m interested in philanthropy.

I'm lucky to have seen you perform live and watched your trajectory over the past couple of years. From the outside looking in, it seems like you've really grown as an artist and found your voice. Do you have any advice for artists/creatives who are still trying to find their confidence and their voice?

Thank you for supporting the journey, for real! I’ve come more into my voice the older I’ve gotten. To those who are finding their voice, stop creating surface-level shit. When you address the things you’re running from, scared of and hiding from in your art, you’ll have that breakthrough . You begin to blossom as a person and you begin to relearn who you are. I’m relearning right now to be transparent. To those finding their confidence, become who you envision yourself as in the future right now. Embody it entirely. If future you got swag for real, get swagged up. If future you wears out-there fashion with no fucks given, update your wardrobe and leave them fucks at the door. If future you speaks highly of yourself and is unapologetically perfectly imperfect, embrace what that is for you in the present. Don’t wait to be you, you gotta practice being exactly who it is you are gonna be.

What brings you joy?

Music. Art. Batman haha! To be honest, the creation of Renaissance is what was bringing me joy. I’m learning how to be a person outside of my career & this journey has been intense. I’m figuring out and learning what makes me happy outside of technology.

What would you like to plug? (New music, upcoming shows, etc.)

My headliner at Globe Hall on May 20th! This muh fucka’ is about to sell out, so I need all them last-minute buyers to get it together quick! I’m energized for this show. I also go on a full-length tour with Sleigh Bells in August, so pull up out of state if you can! I’ve been filming music videos, so be prepared to be blindsided. These videos are epic! And buy merch, this man named Joe Murray designed my very own tarot card haha! Thanks again for that, seriously!

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